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Dana is an 8th degree black belt in Karate and is a highly respected martial arts instructor. He has been exposed to many physical stresses while work...

The Principles of Chiropractic

The Principles of Chiropractic are what make Chiropractic unique and the reason that Chiropractic care is able to help so many people with many conditions that many people think can only be helped with drugs or surgery.

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The very essence of Chiropractic is so simple and yet so powerful. Chiropractic is first a philosophy from which was derived the science and art. When the Principles of Chiropractic are successfully applied the results are always amazing.

  1. The body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism.
  2. The nerve system controls and coordinates all of the functions in the body.
  3. Any interference with the nerve system inhibits the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself.
  4. Interference to the nerve system is most commonly caused by misalignment of the bones of the spine called “subluxations.”
  5. “Subluxations” are most often caused by slips and falls, car accidents, stress, poor posture, poor sleep habits, sports impacts, birth process, etc.
  6. Maintaining a healthy and well-aligned spine enhances the body’s ability to get well and stay well.

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